A Gallery Of Rogues Two: A Witching Hour's Test Of The First Amendment Is Released!

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Oct 20 2012
Written By: Rene


ThrashHead.com's A Gallery Of Rogues Volume Two Album Artwork

ThrashHead.com is extremely proud to announce our latest compilation for Halloween!! This album is chock full of some of the best music in each band's genres, from Anarcho Punk , Doom/Stoner to good ol' thrash , we hope you enjoy this album immensely!

Don't forget there are 45 bands from around the world on this comp, some need no introduction while others are new up and comers, which means there is at the very least ONE track which will have you blowing out your eardrums. These bands have been incredibly gracious enough to share their music with you, all we ask of you in exchange for such a kick ass set of tunes is to find the bands you like and support them wholeheartedly by giving them a like on Facebook, following on Twitter and, above all, talk about them with your friends.

Since this is a free download via Bandcamp, you can easily embed this player into your blog and your timelines. In today's world it's extremely difficult for damned good bands to get where they need to go, there's no corporate sponsorship, labels shelling out tons of money, they ALL depend on you and all it takes is a few moments of your time to give back what took several hours, days, months and even years to create! DIY OR DIE!


Vinyl and CD from various labels in America, Canada, UK, Europe and Japan.The purpose to get great music to punks around the world at a decent price and to make a little to keep it growing and growing!!! T-shirts are available now!
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ThrashHead A Gallery Of Rogues Compilation album
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