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Thrashhead was created as response to outdated sites that follow trends and don’t accurately report on the true underground. We aim to dig a little deeper in our interviews to present a unique perspective offering the reader (you) an insightful peek into the lives of the people who drive the scene.

Thrashhead approaches our work with honesty and the pieces we present will reflect that. We will not cater to pressure from labels or hip and trendy bands, again, striving to provide the most honest feedback to you.

With that said, we at Thrashhead are lifetime fans and participants of the punk and metal communities, scenes and true underground. Between Thrashhead’s main contributors there is almost 100 years of combined head-banging, punk rocking, skateboarding, hardcore, thrashing, and acting like a maniac (Whiplash!) experience!

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Band Submissions: We want your review materials and we don’t want MP3s. We want CDs, tapes and especially records. We at Thrashhead believe the packaging completes the project and digital music lacks soul. Death to false sites that only want digital versions of your prized creation!

For more information on Submitting Review materials please go to our For Bands Page


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