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12 Jan 2014
I am hoping to enlist your help. I am working with a very good friend of mine's son for his annual food drive. Memphis is 8 years old...
31 Dec 2013
We promised you a kick ass new video from Hellbastard and here it is; The removal of Intelligentsia in a Machiavellian Society" (parts 1&2)!!
27 Dec 2013
The band which gave a name to an entire genre will release the video for "Engineering Human Consciousness - The removal of Intelligentsia in a Machievellian Society"...
04 Feb 2013
Richmond has always been a city famous for the variety of its music, a bastion of the heaviest to the melodic; a fortress for the underground and destination for the some of the most righteous road warriors in the U.S. of fucking A!
20 Oct 2012 is extremely proud to announce our latest compilation for Halloween!!
19 Jun 2012
First off, as you may have heard, bay area musician and friend to many of the most noted figures in the Northern California underground and from around the world, Jeff Davis...
12 Jun 2012
With a very heavy heart, we report the passing of cherished member of the Bay Underground; Jeff Davis, who played with notable outfits Whoremoans, STFU and Voetsek, passed away after being in a motorcycle accident...
30 May 2012
ThrashHead is proud to announce the release of our first compilation...and it's free!!
01 May 2012
Back in '82, in Texas, one of the greatest hardcore/crossover bands in history came into being. Founded by a Yankee kid from New York by the name of Spike Cassidy and the Brecht Brothers...
10 Apr 2012
This, is indeed cool and very newsworthy...
14 Mar 2012
Banda Aceh, Indonesia is a strict Islamic Shariah region. Punks are forced to have their heads shaved, are forced to pray, clothes burned, detained (64 were detained), and forced into “re-education” camps...
05 Mar 2012
The classic 1987 album "SCUM" from grindcore masters Napalm Death has been completely remastered with Full Dynamic Range
03 Mar 2012
Get The Swamp Abyss Sorcery Compilation featuring some of best bands in the Florida underground!
02 Mar 2012
Minneapolis Hardcore Punx In Defence have embarked on a new tour.
01 Mar 2012
Hellbastard has released a video for the track Arcadia from their eagerly awaited upcoming 12inch Split E.P. with DRESDEN as well as the "Sons Of Bitches" EP.
06 Feb 2012
Tour dates, free downloadable music, new releases on the way and more!
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